Long-Term Care Education and Planning Program

“What is your plan to protect your most important asset - your family?”

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Stage 1: Education

“The greatest threat to the financial security of middle income Americans is the cost of long-term care. Our nation’s middle class can insure their cars against theft or damage, their houses against flood or fire, their children against the cost of college and braces, and their families against the risk of early death. But when it comes to insuring the single greatest threat to their life savings and emotional reserves – the cost of long-term care – most Americans have no protection. In many ways, it’s as if we are all wearing bulletproof vests with holes over our hearts. We are missing protection where we most need it.” 

– the late Senator John Heinz, former chairman of the Senate Committee on Aging

It’s difficult for working-aged adults and healthy seniors to imagine a time when they might need long-term care; it seems so far off. While many people do need this type of care as the natural result of aging, each year millions of Americans of all ages are faced with the sudden disruption to their lives and their family’s lifestyle and finances due to a disability, chronic illness, or cognitive issue that was totally unforeseen. Therefore, it’s important that everyone understands their options and the consequences of their choices regarding LTC planning.

Here are just a few of the misconceptions regarding LTC

Myth: Chances are that I won’t need care. 
Reality: 70% of individuals over age 65 will require some type of long-term care services during their lifetime.

Myth: Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance will cover any future extended care costs.
Reality: None of these programs are intended to cover the cost of long-term custodial care. The only ways to pay for custodial care are self-funding (out-of-pocket), with long-term care insurance, or a combination of the two.

Myth: Long-term care insurance is for the elderly and frail.
Reality: 43% of all people in this country receiving long-term care services are under the age of 65.

Myth: Long-term care insurance is expensive.
Reality: Long-term care insurance is affordable and is only expensive if not designed appropriately.

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Everyone deserves LTC education and everyone needs to have a LTC plan. Selecting insurance as part of the plan should be an informed decision.

LTCEPP® will provide you and your family with information on what LTC is, what it isn’t, your risk, your options, costs of care, etc. It will give you important insight that will assist you in making the best and most informed decision for your family.

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LTCEPP® is available for group presentations and can be accredited for CEUs by local NASW chapters and CLEs by local bar associations.

For more information contact one of our specialist.

LTCEPP® is available for group presentations
and can be accredited for CEUs by
local NASW chapters and CLEs
 by local bar associations.

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